About us

De Gregorio Interior Design, founded in 2001, is named after the visionary owner. The company began with the opening of an high-end design showroom in Germany, in the vicinity of Stuttgart.
Over time, collaborations with the best craftsmen in the industry were cultivated, along with the embracement of a selection of the most prestigious Italian brands the market has to offer.

Among the prominent brands displayed in De Gregorio’s showroom and integrated into the clients’ homes is Rimadesio, with whom De Gregorio formed a partnership in 2006.
Building on 18 years of successful collaboration, in 2023 De Gregorio and partner Emilio Alves opened the first Rimadesio monobrand store in Portugal, located in the city of Loulé, in the heart of the Algarve region.

De Gregorio’s ongoing commitment is to accompany clients from the initial planning stages, through the entire design and construction process, to the delivery of turnkey projects. Each undertaken project is a meticulous endeavor aimed at realizing each client’s unique aspirations, providing tailored, high-quality solutions designed to perfection.

With an international team of designers, architects, and brand experts, De Gregorio has the experience to create exclusive interior spaces of exceptional quality and distinction.

Contemporary design

Clean lines, decorated minimalism, and current trends, contemporary interiors are distinctly of-the-moment — even when the moment changes.

Detail oriented

Mastering the art of detail is pivotal for design success, elevating the work to a professional level and seamlessly solving project issues.

Our team

Massimiliano De Gregorio
Born in Campomarino, soon life took him to Germany near Stuttgart. There, he began his career as a furniture carpenter, which he pursued for 11 years. His passion for interior design and the quest for quality materials eventually led him to establish an Italian interior design business, first in Germany and later in Portugal.
Emilio Alves
CEO De Gregorio Portugal
Born in Porto and raised in Germany, his profound connection with Italy, combined with a strong friendship with Massimiliano De Gregorio, ignited his passion for Italian interior design, ultimately leading to the co-founding of De Gregorio Portugal.
Sabina De Gregorio
Administration and Accounting
Raised in Backnang, she has a background in accounting and administration. Alongside Massimo De Gregorio, she not only manages but also meticulously oversees every detail of the showroom.
Deva-Nicol Lecchi
Interior Design
Originally from Bergamo, she spent one year working in Vienna before obtaining her qualification as an Interior Designer at the IED in Milan, where she briefly worked before commencing her career within the De Gregorio studio.
Marta Valentino
Having grown up in Milano and graduated there at Politecnico, she made the decision to join the De Gregorio team upon completing her architecture degree. She now oversees interior design within the studio.
Goncalo Moreno
Sales Manager
Originally from Algarve, Portugal, his journey took him to live in Cambridge and later in Porto, where he began his career in the world of luxury designer products, accumulating experience in sales and customer service. Currently back in the Algarve, he is our Sales Manager for De Gregorio Portugal.
Alice Capacci
Originally from Umbria, she graduated in architecture in Perugia and moved to Backnang in 2018 where she will work in the De Gregorio company for about 4 years. Now, having moved back to Italy, she continues the collaboration while maintaining a special bond with the De Gregorio company.