Living area
Backnang, Germany

Vibrant atmosphere

This project represents an exciting challenge of renovating and redesigning a living space, with the goal of creating a new and contemporary kitchen seamlessly integrated with the dining and living areas to achieve visual continuity in the open space. The client, open to innovative solutions, expressed the desire to preserve the strong rural character of the house, with a particular focus on exposed brick, a distinctive element of the environment.
In collaboration with the client, a solution was developed that not only met the practical needs of the kitchen but also created an aesthetic and functional experience for the entire living area. The choice of colors was a fundamental part of the design process, considering the client’s preference for a rich and vibrant color palette.
The end result is an open space that reflects the client’s personality, with a harmonious blend of rural and contemporary elements. The thoughtful choice of colors contributes to creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere, transforming the house into a place where functionality elegantly merges with style.

Single-family house