April 29, 2023

De Gregorio at Milano Design Week

Last week, the De Gregorio team, with members in Germany and Portugal, enthusiastically participated in Milan Design Week, an event that continues to define the cutting edge of the design world. This annual gathering is not only an opportunity for us to explore the latest creations firsthand, but also a crucial time to interact with the brilliant talents behind these works of art.

As a team of professionals scattered in different locations, Milan Design Week has become a crucial meeting point for our group. Not only does it give us the opportunity to admire and touch new creations, but it also allows us to forge closer ties with our collaborators. In an increasingly virtual world, the importance of genuine human connections cannot be stressed enough.
The moments of exchanging ideas and perspectives during the event were electrifying. The opportunity to discuss ongoing projects, explore new creative directions, and share our common passion for design added an extra layer of meaning to this experience. Meeting face-to-face with collaborators enriched our understanding of each other and helped strengthen team cohesion.

The streets of Milan during Design Week were transformed into a kaleidoscope of creativity, welcoming a myriad of creatives, designers and enthusiasts from every corner of the globe. Each booth was a story in itself, a compelling tale through bold shapes, eye-catching colors and innovative materials.
In this context, we were able to perceive not only the aesthetics of the products, but also the philosophy and inspiration behind them. Meeting the creative minds behind these works was enlightening, providing us with a deeper understanding of the creative process and intentions behind each unique design.

In conclusion, attending Milan Design Week is always an unparalleled experience for the De Gregorio team as this event provided us with a preview of trends and innovations in the design world.