April 15, 2023

Discovering Algarve

The Algarve has become a highly coveted tourist destination in Europe, evolving from a hidden gem to a popular choice. Its golden beaches, picturesque fishing villages, and rich local culture attract millions of visitors, stimulating the tourism industry and creating a vibrant local economy.

The high quality of life, favorable climate, and affordable cost of living have made the Algarve increasingly sought after by expatriates, contributing to a diverse international community that enriches the region’s diversity.

Thanks to these advancements, the Algarve has attracted both national and international investments, creating new job opportunities and innovative projects. Sectors such as construction, agriculture, and renewable energies are gaining ground, contributing to greater economic stability.

De Gregorio has chosen to expand into the Algarve, opening soon the first Rimadesio store in the heart of Loulé. This decision reflects confidence in the region’s growth potential and a commitment to contribute to the local economic development. Rimadesio by De Gregorio will transform the interior design market in Portugal, bringing innovation and elegance.