October 28, 2023

Sky Base One event

De Gregorio Interior Designers & Architects had the honor of being part of a truly spectacular evening during the Sky Base One event in Carvoeiro where Spy Manor presented a new architectural project and the illusionist Katherine Mills created an immersive experience.

Sky Base One is a property with an innovative and unique concept in the world because it is built with the theme and inspiration of the science fiction universe.

Known for its prestige and sophistication, the event provided a unique opportunity for our company to showcase its talent and creativity in the world of interior design. The highlight of our participation was the exhibition of some of our most exquisite pieces, adorning the event’s lounge. From elegant furniture to exclusive lighting elements, each piece was carefully selected to complement the stunning atmosphere of the Sky Base One Event.

Our partnership with the Sky Base One event allowed us to share our passion for interior design and aesthetic excellence with a diverse and sophisticated audience. It was an exciting opportunity to demonstrate our ability to create spaces that reflect our clients’ personality and vision, regardless of the setting.